(Holidailies Day #24-2.)

TIL: There is another Ottawa River. I mean, besides the one I can almost see from my house, that forms the border between Ontario and Quebec for about a thousand kilometres.

This second Ottawa River is in Ohio and is about 6% the length of the Kitchissippi (Algonquin for ‘The Great River’).

The Ottawa River here is only the 13th longest in Canada (and 119th in the world), but as Canada is very, very big, this means it is ‘only’ 1271km end to end.

Which is pretty fucking long. That’s further than the distance between Paris and Copenhagen, or London and Berlin, or any other two places that are separated by fewer than 1271km.

Thrilling, no?

Only 1/6th as long as the Nile, but who’s ever heard of the Nile or done anything interesting there, eh?

Speaking of which, I should spend some time reading this book about the German settlers in the Ottawa Valley. My aunt gave it to me in August and I’m sure about 900 of my ancestors are mentioned in it.

Also, I know appallingly little about local history. We only had to take it one year in school and I haven’t explored it much beyond that. To the library! Eventually. Or maybe just Wikipedia for a bit when I can’t sleep tonight.

In other news, Christmas! Our dishwasher just shut itself off this morning, but we’re having Chinese take-out for supper so we’ll just eat directly out of styrofoam containers if we can’t figure out what the problem is and fix it right away.

Perhaps it’s just exhausted because it’s been running so much in the run-up to Christmas with the baking and the fudge-making and the hey-hey-hey. Still. Ack.

Maybe I’ll get a winning lottery ticket in my stocking?

Today’s titles comes from a very silly game of Trivial Pursuit played some time towards the end of the 20th century with Richard, Piotr, and a different Rachel from the one who is usually mentioned here. It came up as the answer to a question about the German navy. That is how I continue to refer to it to this day.

The name ‘Bebe Rebozo’ came up as well. We laughed until we cried, even though we didn’t know who he was. We didn’t know because smart phones and Wikipedia hadn’t been invented yet. Don’t you miss the days of bullshit and non-pedantry sometimes too?

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