Wasting my time.


#100BM Day 29

Bereft of both time (I am giving myself a ten-minute break from drowning in film reviews for our May-June program) and creativity (ditto), here are some of the most recent bits of silliness arriving in the inbox for my first-initial-lastname@gmail.com address of late by other McLeods who don’t know how to fill in a form correctly or have friends/colleagues who can’t read so well. I do this from time to time because it’s amusingly tedious, or tediously amusing.

  • M______’s service history from a Jiffy Lube in Maryland
  • Notification of a court date for a group protesting the annexation of part of their town by another (I think). Sadly not Pawnee, nor Eagleton are involved.
  • A Toyota advertising campaign assessment (part of a job interview, possible?) for a magazine in Tampa
  • Receipts from two cafés in San Francisco (way to keep your Square account safe, yo)
  • An invoice from a exhibition company for a Mandy McLeod for providing equipment at a conference in Philadelphia
  • A Groupon-esque set of offers on spa weekends in the UK for Mary McLeod
  • A receipt from a Free People shop in Durham
  • A reminder that Michelle and Paul have yet to come in to sign their mortgage papers in Australia

At least I’ve stopped receiving those emails from a granny who refused to accept that she didn’t have the right email address for her granddaughter? Those made me a bit sad.

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