Watson and Ken and all those guys.


It’s nice that a handful of people checked in this morning to see if I posted. Well, I had forgotten about an appointment to give blood, so I had to dash out of the house on fairly short notice. It was all fine; Heathen Vegan Lent has not affected my iron in terrible ways and my blood pressure (103/58) and resting heart rate (66bpm) are fucking great.

Here’s a half-assed narrative I wrote last night during Sad Spinster Pub Quiz (my team were poorly/hungover/disheartened by the miserable weather and opted out):

  • The Universe revolves around me! The quickies are about pasta toppings! (I had puttanesca the night before quiz.)
  • Okay, maybe not. TWO sports questions? (I got one right.)
  • I may be full of fried falafel, but those onion rings smell great.
  • How the FUCK did I remember something about Andy Capp?
  • How have I still not seen the Star Wars Holiday Special?
  • Will I be accused of cheating if I get my Kindle out? (When there’s no one to talk to, pauses between questions can seem long.)
  • I remember nothing from that one semester of Japanese I took in first year. (Got the question right, though.)
  • New pizza place across the street! Must investigate!
  • Also, must get back to Absinthe soon.
  • Not looking forward to the Sound Bytes. I NEED MY TEAM.
  • Dude who plays Mr. D. is…Mr D. Will that be good enough for a half-point? (No.)
  • Ack. Music. Ack. Is Third Eye Blind a thing? I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS IS. (It was Third Eye Blind. I did not get the name of the track, though.)
  • Skrillex, I think. It’s awful, regardless
  • Yep. HOPELESS. WHO THE FUCK SINGS ‘SEASONS IN THE SUN?’ (Terry Jacks. Chris, a teammate, knew this, it turns out.)
  • I knew the TV opening within three syllables, though. Hrm.
  • I hope I can score this (meaning another team’s sheet) properly. (I did score it properly – adding up the score? Not so much.)
  • In 2nd after Round 1!!
  • This is (sometimes) great. Not when The Dump is something I know, mind. (‘The Dump’ is an advantage for the leading team – they can drop a question in the second round if they don’t know the answer.)
  • When will I see The Hunger Games?
  • Is it impolite to write before the question is read? Am I too competitive to not look like a twat? Why am I so arrogant if I still get a lot of questions wrong?
  • Osgoode Hall. One of my least favourite people on Earth went there.
  • Chemistry! Shit! I never did get beyond the third row of the Periodic Table! (Got the question right, though.) SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE JUNE.
  • HAHAHAAHAHA. (Reaction to a five question series leading to the pun “Yo Key Arrow Talk Cobol”. The clue was ‘chihuahua’.)
  • CLINT HOWARD! Johnny Bark! I just watched that the other day!
  • ByTowne Question! Everything’s coming up Milhouse!
  • Leading with 42 going into the last bit!
  • And here I thought we were the only family who watched ‘Cybill’.
  • Rush round always nerve-wracking. Answered on third clue even though I knew it on the first.
  • Anticipation is a bastard, even though I’m sure I’ve won.
  • Waiting.
  • Gonna miss ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • Waiting.
  • VICTORY CONFIRMED. Paul suspects I have the highest ‘per capita’ score in the League history. (I do.)
  • This is fucking humiliating, yet awesome.

Yes, I realize this probably don’t make (much) sense to folks who don’t play and that this reads as the ravings of an arrogant lunatic, but that’s all I’ve got this Monday. Now back to work.

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