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I was finally able to get my bike out on Sunday. I only went as far as a coffeeshop ten minutes away, but it felt so fucking FREEING not to be at the mercy of public transit and/or traffic to get somewhere that I didn’t care.

I did my first official 2014 bike commute yesterday and despite not zipping/sealing the leg holes of my splashpants (I am very cool, guys) properly and soaking the bottoms of my jeans (papertowel-stuffed cuffs are very, very cool, guys), I was in such a phenomenally better mood than I had been recently that it was borderline ridiculous.

Scratch that, it was 100% ridiculous. I spent last night howling with laughter at the dumbest things, singing to the cat, live-tweeting should-be mundanity, and just delighting at the brief respite from winter drudgery.

Okay, some red wine MAY have been involved, but I’m confident that the above mostly might have happened without. (Very, very, very cool.)

It is, of course, blizzarding today, so spring has not really sprung yet, but I want to do THINGS! I am inspired to not just sit on the couch (at least sometimes)! I want to experience life n’shit!

Anyway, here are some events I want to do, and if you’re local, or local-ish, maybe I’d like you join me:

1. My community-minded brother is hosting A Taste for Life at OZ Kafe on April 23. You don’t have to do anything but buy, and eat, delicious things and 25% of your bill is split between Bruce House and the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation. I’m gonna try to reserve a table for four or six, provided I can find three to five people who want to watch me get tipsy on a weeknight while enjoying a tasty supper.

2. Swirl & Twirl. Again, a fundraiser involving food & drink, which are pretty much the best kind. It’s on May 29. Tickets are $30 in advance or $40 at the door and get you a goodly amount of comestibles.

3. Ride the Rideau. I didn’t do this last year because I was lazy…about fundraising. I think I could have handled the training. I’m going to investigate either forming a team or joining one, I think, because $1500 is a lot of dough. HOWEVER, if you have ideas on how I can raise some of that amount, that would be much appreciated. Or if you want to come out and ride, that’s wicked too. They have 50K, 100K, and 150 MILE options this year, so regardless of skill, you can probably work your way up to one of those by September 6.

So, yes, let us be social! And fit! And full of food! And kinda drunk! Get in touch in the comments or just email me if ya know me.

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