Where this came from.


I was about to leave for work, when a force took over and led to this rant. There was no external trigger, but a near-full night’s sleep got my brain-tank rolling very suddenly. Maybe my lone coffee of the day kicked in. (Afternoon coffee, I miss you SO much.)


When threatened by the possibility of someone, or a group of someones, being more able/qualified/needed to do something, how does being an asshole, a misanthrope/misogynist/misandrist, a lone wolf gunman terrorist fix anything? It doesn’t. I don’t care what some blowhard politician or conspiracist or opinionated musician without key critical thinking skills says.

Y’all need to work harder, be kinder, instead of sitting around, navel/rectum-gazing, and resenting (needed) changes to the status quo. Societies evolve. All of them. Frustration and anger can only get you, and your ’cause’ so far. You want better? Do better. Be better.

Also, and this is the key, sometimes the problem IS YOU PERSONALLY and not society or politics or ‘the (wo)man’ being against you. More people who play the blame game need to recognize this instead or theorizing and fuming and forgetting what the fuck common sense and human decency are.

This is not news, nor original thinking. I know from my three or so readers that I am preaching to the choir. I just needed to get it out this morning.

In semi-related news, vote October 19. Or before! You can vote at any Elections Canada office today, or at the actual early polls starting tomorrow. I’m gonna go line up with the olds and cast my ballot less than 24 hours from now. I can’t wait!


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