Whether it’s a frog or a turtle.


Write every day for 46 days, she said.

She lied. Or, rather, got distracted and spent almost six hours at work yesterday instead of three and a half, scarfed a Harvey’s veggie burger because a handful of trail mix turned out to not be enough lunch, made sure Mac didn’t think he was abandoned (and got stinky cat kisses for my troubles), and then had actual! social! stuff! including a taco/burrito/enchilada spread that accommodated my silliness (thank you again, Erica and Mark!) and an extended game of Cards Against Humanity.

Will I write twice today to make up for it? We’ll see. Depends if the coffee sets in.

Gilmore theory: Dean has been living feral in the Twickham house basement since getting trapped there in 2005. Luckily, Old Man Twickham had a giant stash Y2K rations and VHS tapes of ‘Summerland’. Fresh.

2 thoughts on “Whether it’s a frog or a turtle.

  1. Mark

    Thanks you for making it out! We had a ton of fun and hope to do it more often.

    Here’s hoping Matt didn’t scare or scar you too much with his screaming!

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