Why have you forsaken me?!?!


Agh, another crummy entry from me today. I apologise. After a week of network and printer woes at work, my printer at home decided to crap out while I was trying to get a heap of must-be-done-on-paper proofreading done. I’m not proud, but I had a giant, loud, frustrated cry about it, something which I do extremely rarely, and then yanked the printer from the server to print directly from my laptop. Then the drivers wouldn’t install for ages and ages. I am living a bad sitcom.

Proofreading is now taken care of (phew), but now I’ve lost valuable pub quiz-finishing time (I have scrapped a whole section that seemed a brilliant idea at 1am, not so much today).

Luckily, my brother came home from his housesitting gig for a bit and is making a new batch of fudge, so that’s one thing I don’t need to worry about. It’s an unusual way for a man to rescue me, no?

Anyway, I’m not thrilled that the beginning of Holidailies has turned out to be “Wow, Megan is a bloody mess”. Onward and upward!

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