Whys and Hows.


Off to do that most hated of chores, going to the supermarket on a Saturday. I’ve been putting off prepwork for some meal-making for my friend who is pregnant with twins, but as we’re hanging out tomorrow, I really must get cracking.

Of course, I’ve jacked my neck for the second time this year, so it’s going to be unpleasant. I will take lots of breaks to lie with a rolled up towel under my neck, per my chiro’s recommendation, and anti-inflammatories, which he did not.

I had a lot of work to do yesterday, but, despite this, I read a few reaction op-eds (and similar) about the shootings in Aurora, as well as tactics being used in the wake of the tragedy.

I feel sick about all this, because it doesn’t make any sense. A customer yesterday said that this could never happen at a cinema like the one where I work and that’s another reason to keep going indie. I thought that was incredibly crass, nonsensical, and upsetting and perhaps should have told her so, as it was a gross oversimplification of the situation; but when you aren’t sure what to say or do, often the wrong things get said and done. (And sure, it might be difficult to sneak out/in one of our emergency exits, but not impossible.)

I think the police in flak jackets that my friend Sarah saw at a cinema in Maryland were unnecessary. I think pulling pre-Dark Knight Rises trailers for Gangster Squad is probably wise, given its content. I think suspending television advertising for the DKR is not a terrible idea, like when airlines stop advertising in the wake of plane crashes, any plane crashes.. I agreed with cancelling the Paris premiere gala. I applaud Christophen Nolan for his measured, yet outraged comments, and Roger Ebert for reminding us that this isn’t a movie problem, it’s a problem, well, many problems, with a very sick, broken young man.

I do not think it’s the time to start talking about how if people were allowed to carry guns (which, it turns out, they are in Colorado), someone could have taken Holmes out before he killed so many people, but, then,  I don’t think there’s ever a time for that.Fear culture can already be so debilitating; let’s not make it worse. It’s time to mourn, not politicize or become too afraid to leave the house out of fear that this could happen anywhere, at any time. I think the Culture of Fear, seemingly forever becoming more invasive, is increasingly detrimental to our collective mental well-being. It’s no way to live. We need communal experiences, like school, churches, and, yes, movie-going, to remind each other that we aren’t alone in the universe, facing the unknown without backup. My worry is that this terrible tragedy will make people stick their heads further into the shells, which is of no benefit to anyone. Go out, do things with friends, and please be careful, but not fearful.


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