It’s official, my cat is on a campaign to refatten. He has figured out how to get into the cabinet where his treats can be found and knock them to the floor. Luckily, despite his extra toes looking like thumbs, he doesn’t have the dexterity to open the bag. Phew. I will need to find a new place to store his food and such before he figures that out.

I watched The Queen of Versailles last night. I liked it quite a lot, even though I get very uncomfortable with that style of documentary sometimes. I have to remember that people have signed up to look arrogant/foolish/dumb and that I shouldn’t feel that sorry for them. I am curious as to what happened after filming stopped. I’m really hoping that the older kids figure out how to behave and, especially how to take care of their pets. If there is already dog poop all over the house, you should not buy your kids more puppies.

Slightly disappointed that my ‘ironic’ trailer set-up (Les Adieux à la reine, Kumaré, Samsara) got very little reaction, because I’m like that. It’s a shame when private jokes only work for oneself.

One thought on “Wiliness.

  1. Erica

    Watch out for cat shenanigans. One of my university roommates had a cat, Prefix, who managed to hop up on top of the fridge, open a cupboard, extract a bag of rice, plop it onto the floor, and THEN tear it open and scatter it all over the kitchen. It would’ve been impressive if it hadn’t been such a giant mess. And that was RICE. For cat treats, I shudder to think what he might’ve done.

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