Winning an iPad from sheep.


#100BM Day 54
At work, I have an ‘Incognito’ window open in Chrome all day so that I can have my own Twitter account open as well as the cinema’s. Because, um, work? It is my job to bring the latest movie news to the masses, as well as my complaints about my own ability to drop yogurt in my lap on a regular basis.

‘Incognito’ mode is a handy thing. If you’re into online porn, it also means Google won’t remember your searches in that window. So that’s pretty neat. But this isn’t about porn.*

It’s about being so daft and forgetful that sometimes I start doing ‘normal’ things in that special window. I open new tabs. I start following links from the curated-for-work Twitter feed to see if they are worth sharing. I check in on whether there are updates to the weather forecast before I bike home.

And then it happens.

I’m blinded by colours. Things explode in my face. Things start talking at me.


Because Incognito means ne pas de Ad blocking extension.

Which is awful.

I’m so used to working** without a car commercial coming out of my speakers or Zergnet shilling its months-old celebrity lies that it jars me any time I’m bombarded with this unwanted assault of horseshit.

Ads and other hokum online are 99% awful. How do people who haven’t embraced the beauty of not seeing them, or at least who haven’t figured out it’s a possibility, deal?


* Oh, who knows, maybe it will be. I haven’t planned this bastard out.
** Mostly. Sometimes. Also doing Sporcle quizzes
*** OK, it wasn’t about porn. Maybe a titch whore-y, though?

One thought on “Winning an iPad from sheep.

  1. Jackie

    Believe it or not, as savvy online as I am, I don’t block ads. I’m like the frog slowly cooked to boiling; I’ve been looking at them so long I don’t even notice them.

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