Wompin’ on the geep.*


I freely admit that I was only vaguely aware of the existence of Tig Notaro until I saw her on the ‘This American Life’ cinema schmancy satellite event this spring. Richard even had to point out that she was on ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’, a show I have seen — only a few episodes, mind, as it breaches the funny/nervous-breakdown-inducingly-awkward balance a little too often for my delicate sensibilities.

Now, though, I love her to bits. And she’s getting famous, largely because she is handing a difficult time with hilarity and honesty and grace. Having very famous friends and fans talking about her in public fora helps too.

(Okay, mostly Twitter, but that place has power.)

Because she’s so tough and great, she has inspired me to (maybe) pursue an opportunity I’ve found out in the last few days. I won’t get into details yet, since my financial limitations might preclude my participation**, but it’s pretty exciting all the same.

I’ve also started to brainstorm story ideas and other frivolities that might turn into something more substantial here. Short stories? Scripts? More borderline clever blog entries? Only the latter is for sure as this space continues to (occasionally) be a testing ground for new ‘material’, such as it is/will be.

The best thing is that this miniepiphany, or mipiphany, is that it will (hopefully) encourage evolution and drafts and revision and other useful things that might make this space better. It might mean that substantial entries are more infrequent as I pursue the task/goal/etc. of quality over quantity, breaking free of the Subway mindset.***

Watch this space.

* I wrote this while the lads were on one of their special smoke breaks at Euchre night. See how much I wrote? That’s how long I have to wait each time.

** As I was writing this, as if by magic or psychic nonsense, my brother called to tell me that the ‘Check Engine’ light had come on in the car we share.

*** Things may be fresh, but they aren’t very good.

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