Woolly hats.


I was supposed to be taking a knitting class on Sunday (and the following Sunday), but it’s been cancelled. Wishing I lived in Poznan so Chelsea could teach me at Sweet Surrender‘s Knitting Night (or just in their flat, surrounded by their hilarious cats).

Although only four days, this week is long and I’d best be off to work very soon, so instead of detailing how flatly (yet deliciously) my attempt at gluten-free maple tea bread was, I’m going to again rely on The Monkees to be interesting. Well, just one Monkee, Michael Nesmith, who is more than just the tall, dry witted, behatted one who inherited a fortune from his mother’s invention of Liquid Paper: he’s a certifiable genius. Go read this to find out hilarious and brilliant and creative he is.

Speaking of brilliant and creative, my friend Cyn’s son is turning 9 soon. In lieu of demanding presents, he is asking people to donate to one of his two favourite charities. How rad is that? Happy birthday, Sean!



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