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We’re ridiculously busy at the cinema, which is great. January is usually good, because we get at least a couple of Oscar favourites, but we’re also the kind of place that people resolving to watch more movies in the new year tend to go. I suppose I should credit our greater movie availability (because of the digital format thing) too, because the Super Score of getting The Artist, Shame, and A Dangerous Method means we’ve already had a very good month and it’s only January 19. I wonder if I could convince my boss to cancel the rest of the bookings for the month and let us all have a vacation.

My referrals for this week are creepy and hilarious. Tuesday was almost my busiest day, in part because of hunters from Google.hu, .ee, .ph, and .nl. People sure love that man I’m probably perfect for. And porn. And someone with my name wearing M&S underwear?

It’s snowed a lot this week. If you don’t know what life is like in a very snowy town, here’s a video from a nearby place that shows how great and difficult and beautiful it can be to just exist on a snowy work day.

A Monday Morning in Montréal from CloudRaker on Vimeo.

(It’s not snowing right now, but from the looks of my street from the window, it’s gonna be a tricky commute all the same. And yet, the 86 is probably still going to just early enough that I miss it from less than 50m away, but across the street, regardless of when I’ve left the house.)

I wrote the Jeopardy! online quiz on Tuesday, even pulling answers like Rembrandt and the Battle of New Orleans out of thin air. Actually, the latter? I first heard of on the Simpsons* I wasn’t even nervous, and I’m even less so now finding out the pass score is 35/50 (I didn’t get my score, but it’s 45+, I think), because I get the impression that getting to the next stage is pretty damned arbitrary. I like to think that they have a giant hat with all the passing people’s names in it to choose at random. Because that’s how it works, right?

I’ve also been told that if you do make it to the in-person auditions, then you really have to show enthusiasm. That *might* be a problem. In new, weird situations, I tend to clam up or be slightly Daria-ish. Do you reckon I’d be allowed to take booze in?

* (I also had a question about ‘Old Hickory’ on a Sporcle quiz this week, btw. Thank you, Mrs Hoover’s Teacher’s Edition.)

2 thoughts on “Writing long paragraphs.

  1. cynicalwoman

    It’s true — they look for people who would make good television. When I did mine, there was a guy there who knew *everything*, but was very soft-spoken, who also mentioned that it wasn’t his first time there. I suspect he didn’t get called because of said soft-spoken-ness. You don’t have to be manic; just enthusiastic. They called me, which amazed me.

    • megan

      Okay, I will try to tone down the eye-rolling (of which I do too much, in all situations), then, and be at least as chatty as two beers (or a double whisky) will get me. 🙂

      (Also, I’m shocked, because a lot of people on the show are so morose and awkward. I can do both of those too.)

      Edited again to say I wish I had seen you on the show! I didn’t watch for ages!

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