Writing the screenplay for Glitter.


It’s publication day at the cinema, meaning that I will be able to use my brain for non-work things for six weeks until the next set of deadlines comes around. I’m celebrating by going to the gym for the first time in more than a week. And catching up on my quest to watch all the Periodic Table of Videos. (I was watching one a day until early last week, so imma learn a lot today, or forget everything immediately.)

Question for the internet at large: Do online petitions even do anything? I ask because I want to start a campaign to stop commenting on the CBC’s website. I think that in order to espouse crackpot theories and racist horseshit on the website of a national broadcaster, one should have to write an actual letter and buy a stamp, then be vetted by well-paid humans who will have to arbitrate whether any of that nonsense should be made public. I’d get a million signatures.

Today in Gilmore theories: Gigi is a 13-year-old, chain-smoking It Girl of the Paris fashion world. She is second only to Choupette in Karl Lagerfeld’s affections. Luckily, Netflix’s budget, though generous, did not allow for this creepy-ass storyline to appear on screen.

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