I would love to write about Breaking Bad, just like (almost) everyone else, but I also don’t want to be a dick and spoil it. So here is a non-specific rundown of the episode, in non-chronological order.

1. Much of the action took place in and around Albuquerque.
2. People made money off of selling crystal meth.
3. People drove long distances with relative ease and speed.
4. The level of violence was quite high.
5. A lot of action took place in places that looked like the desert.
6. Some characters died, others did not.
7. Motivation for many characters was often driven by skewed morals.
8. Other characters, or perhaps even the same ones, displayed some incredibly ingenuity.
9. Vince Gilligan is a very good writer and director.
10. Walt ate bacon.

One thought on “Zeitgeists.

  1. Rachel McPhie

    yesss! we have only watched up to episode 6 of season 1 (a bit behind the times…) so thanks for not spoiling! glad to hear walt continues to eat bacon instead of going on some crazy cancer-fighting diet involving chia and acai or something!

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