From today’s ‘Megan Problems’ files:

I dropped half a bottle of expired salad dressing on the floor/my foot when attempting to dump it in the green bin bag.

Worse, I only realised afterwards that trash pickup is delayed by a day because of the civic holiday and therefore I shouldn’t have even been doing green bin-related activities until tomorrow night.

Also, hi. I’ve been a bit depressed lately for about 900 reasons (some real, some imaginary) and not actually doing any outputting of the creative variety (even my Instagram is oddly quiet and that’s just taking photos). So here I am. Starting 100 Days of…something. Perhaps some of it will entertain or inform.

One thing to celebrate about where I live: People whining that calling an election ten weeks from now is too early. That’s really almost nothing. We live next to a country where electioneering starts years ahead of time. And besides, the 2015 campaign here started almost as soon as the last election was over because Harper’s Government likes praising its own horsehit and denouncing the lesser horseshit of its opponents.


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