Less chaotic work day, and yet virtually no writing ideas, aside from bits of random musings from the last few days.

Like, ‘I long for the days when pedestrians obeyed traffic lights. Hell, I’d settle for the days when people at least took the time to consider the advice of said traffic lights before just darting into the street anyway.’

Or, ‘Y’know that episode of ‘The Golden Girls’ where Dorothy makes some snobby friends who belong to ‘restricted’ social club? In Miami? No Jews? That makes no sense.’

Et puis, ‘I have got to end this month-long running hiatus. Even dashing to the bus stop is hard. I miss my bike.’

Auch, ‘This Spanish version of Snow White is gonna be the best of the three released in the last year. I mean, bullfighting dwarves? No Julia Roberts? How could it not be?’

And, finally, ‘Shit, I’m leaving the country on Monday. I wonder if I have enough warm socks to survive a week in Chicago without having to do laundry in the hotel room sink. Also, where’s my passport?’

How do I turn such disparate things into a blog entry, anyway?

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