Aussie rules.

#100BM Day 65 I am going to regret eating this black licorice before bed. Also, I am taking my car in to find out if the engine light warning is for something fixable, or whether the old beast has to be put out to pasture. Wish me luck.


#100BM Day 56


#100BM Day 49 John Oliver’s show is on in five minutes and I’m not going to make it. I long for the days when I could stay up until 2am and still be a mostly functioning human being, though I probably miss being able to drink coffee at all hours of the day without consequence ...

Favourite emojis.

#100BM Day 19


#100BM Day 15

Terminals. 2

#100BM Day 100 I keep such poor track of things that it being Day 100 probably isn’t quite correct. That’s pretty sad.

Internet glory.

#100BM Day 99 Sometimes you come up with what you think is a great pun, and almost no one notices.

Internet acronyms.

#100BM Day 66 Today, I learned:

Tpying correctly. 2

#100BM Day 63 It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and what better way to spend it than by finally clearing out one of my Gmail accounts (the 10-year-old one that is my first initial plus last name of all the subscriptions for which other people have used it (I’ve been marking them as spam, but ...


100BM Day 56 It was Weebro’s birthday today. I ate too much. It was worth it. Now I must sleep. Here are some ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Hannibal’ bloopers (some spoilers) as seen at SDCC this week.