Internet glory.

#100BM Day 99 Sometimes you come up with what you think is a great pun, and almost no one notices.

Vaguely Scottish staff.

#100BM Day 69 (I won”t resort to immature joking. The whole notion is unfathomably topsy-turvy.) Turns out that my slow leakin’, always flat when I had to leave for work (insert lack-of-morning-wood joke here) tube/wheel was the result of cheap, years-old rim (heh) tape peeling JUST enough to put pressure on the tube (heheh… wait, ...

Succinctness, banter, spiritual being.

Welp, my day has been made.

Tenuous links with fame.

You know how there’s an epidemic of ‘famous for being famous’ types from reality television? Everyone wants to be a star, it seems, sometimes. I kind of do too, but in a behind-the-scenes or Radio 4 panelist kind of way as I don’t normally like to draw attention to myself (dreams about hosting HIGNFY or ...