I got slightly upset this morning when I realised it had been four years since I had been to London. (THANKS A LOT, FACEBOOK.) For a period of several years, I never went more than 12 months without setting foot there, at least for a little while. Continue reading



In the early days of the interwebs, I put up my own site called ‘The Future Husbands List’. I made it image-based because I had a copy of Photoshop. Or maybe I was still using Deluxe Paint II. Anyway, these ‘images’ were just text on squares, one per page, therefore one per person. Continue reading

Time spent/wasted.


(Holidailies Day #12.)

Nineveh came up in a crossword yesterday, and this morning, it was mentioned in an article about the impoverished Iraqi forces dealing with IS, so I started reading about it a bit. I hadn’t really heard the name since some long-ago anthropology and ancient history classes and literally only remembered that it was probably Mesopotamian. Or Assyrian. Or Sumerian. I was never great at keeping those straight. Continue reading



(Holidailies Day #7.)

A wonderful thing about a full day of activities is that sometimes it leads to a great night’s sleep.

Unless, like me, you have a very needy, but very busy, feline who has plenty of cat business to attend to in the wee hours, but always comes back to bat you in the face until they are let under the covers to sleep in your armpit.

I couldn’t even be mad. Much. Even though he really does have deafening snorpurrs. Continue reading

Imported dairy products.


(Holidailies Day #3)

Sometimes, you wake up in the morning with the theme song to ‘Degrassi Junior High’ (not this ‘Next Generation’ rubbish) running through your head and worry why your brain retains this so completely, but can only recall about .025% of three years’ worth of high school German classes. That shouldn’t be. But it is. Humans are weird. Continue reading

Boomtown Rats.


The seasons are changing and I’m again coming to the realisation that I spend entirely too much time alone, or in the company of my cat. In times of stress, when others are all “LET’S DO SHOTS AND KARAOKE”, I hibernate. Also, as I get older, my circle of accessible friends shrinks as they partner up and sprog. Oh, and as I realise that I do not share the same interests and that going to ‘events’ is frequently unpleasant and aggravating. Continue reading

Auntie Mary Diane.


Probably wondering why I didn’t post an update this morning. Is it because

a) I am increasingly annoyed by the Toronto International Film Festival for making people I need to contact unreachable, and making it so that I am in the same time zone/country/province as my sometimes dream man, but not close enough to meet him.

b) I ran 10K in a nearly not-shit time this morning, but was then too exhausted to write anything

c) I ended up undoing seven rows of crocheted hat after I realized I had bungled instructions from the beginning, then decided to start again, despite it being very late indeed.

d) All of the above

Of course it’s d).

It’s interesting how mundane I’ve made my incredibly fascinating life sound, eh?

Here is a three-legged kitten wearing hats.