23 hours.


Have, like, five minutes to write before I get ready to be got to the set (aka the cinema’s backstage bit) to be filmed again. I only left the house for an hour yesterday, but in that short time got new earrings, bought discounted vegan cupcakes (bonus of getting to a craft sale in the last fifteen minutes, met a LOVELY St Bernard (giant dogs are the best ones), found out Rinag’s baked vegetable samosas are Heathen Vegan Lent friendly, and nearly got blown into the street (repeatedly) by the crazy wind. Sometimes, my ridiculous neighbourhood is great. But walking around it is tempting and expensive. Continue reading

Phillip Litt.


For those keeping track, I did not make it to the gala last night. I hadn’t read the official invite, just the ‘can you go to this thing Thursday?’ email, and I just couldn’t face sitting through a movie with French subtitles (which would be fine normally) without falling asleep and snoring embarrassingly (which I do when I am extremely overtired) in order to get to the schmoozy wine bit of the evening. So I owe some officials some apologies. Continue reading

Debbie Allen.


I had a record-breaking number of page views (over a hundred!) yesterday and I have one man to thank: Jim Rash. One of the co-writers of the Academy Award-winning screenplay for The Descendants, it is because of him that I am truly an internet celebrity. Continue reading

Election promises.


Spending most of Family Day with my best (human) friend, going to work (with cupcakes for the staff – I had a craving last night, but do not need the remaining nine of them) to see Pink Ribbons, going to ‘my’ bar (twice, likely), and playing Euchre with subs (Paul and Kirk are on another bromantic vacation to Cuba). Sounds pretty ideal, no? If it weren’t for the fact that my breakfast burrito has fallen apart into a soggy mess, it would be. Oh, and I have clean the cat litter. And tidy the kitchen. And deal with the lady mustache. It’s not all fabulous glamour.

Seriously, though, this is my favourite holiday because it was made up so recently and purely to help win a provincial election. ‘You know what people want? A day off between New Year’s and Easter!’ We may not agree on everything, Mr McGuinty, but yep.

In semi-related news, I watched Our Idiot Brother yesterday. Formulaic, yet delicious. Because, y’know, Paul Rudd. And Adam Scott.)

Just a little beeeet.


I’ve been at work for an hour already (it’s 8:16 as I type this bit) and I’ve been running around like that poor decapitated domestic fowl everyone’s always going on about because this particular meeting rental group didn’t have their own wee office projector (which they didn’t know until this morning) and I’m only half-sure about how to set things up to run through ours. It’s sad to see our expensive equipment being used to show dull-as-dirt Powerpoint presentations, but, I have to admit, it looks pretty nice. Y’know, for something so mundane and stultifying.

Anyway, busybusy. Go read this piece on Gawker instead. I know Toronto is expensive, but these people are (by and large) fools.



(That title alone might get me extra hits.)

Opted for extra sleep over sitting at my computer this morning. As a result, this is a bus blog. At least partly, anyway. The future is WOW.

And now I’m at Wild Oat because I always come here after I see my chiropractor. Neck less jacked, rest of back almost back to normal.

And now I don’t have much to say except, isn’t it great when a song ends on your MP3 player or car stereo just as you’re arriving at your destination? (And don’t get me started on airplane food!)

(This had been a lame filler entry so as not to break my streak. Now go check out Troy and Abed as Calvin and Hobbes, done by a more talented Megan.)