Constructive uses of time.


Tomorrow, I may make an attempt at drawing something, just to show the limitations of my talents.

Today, I’m going to start my list of new-to-me films I’ve seen so far this year. I’m not quite as fastidious as one of the ByTownian staffers, who made a goal of 100 films (writing a bit about each) last year, though. OR MAYBE I WILL. Continue reading



(Gym trip this morning, so this’ll be short/somewhat repetitive.)

One of the many irritating things about my glamourous showbiz life is people asking “So, do you get to see all the movies?”

In theory, yes. In practice, not so much. I might work in Happy Fun Town Movieland, but do you ever want to stay at work two hours late? Even to watch a movie? Sometimes, often really, getting the hell out of the building is more important than seeing a film I only have lukewarm interest in. Maybe that’s bad and wrong and ungrateful, but I like to be at my own home sometimes, even if it doesn’t (usually) smell like delicious popcorn there. Continue reading



Complaining about the weather is so tedious, but seriously? Fuck you, weather, with your day of rain in the middle of a cold spell. Trying to rush to a bus when the sidewalks have seemingly been zambonied is a nightmare, particularly after a very long day at work.

Even though it was long, it wasn’t terrible. An ice storm keeps crowds away, even the ridiculously outdoorsy types who come to see this festival every year, so we had about 80-90 free seats at Banff last night. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, the almost 600 people who did show up ate a possibly record-breaking amount of popcorn. Continue reading

Writing long paragraphs.


We’re ridiculously busy at the cinema, which is great. January is usually good, because we get at least a couple of Oscar favourites, but we’re also the kind of place that people resolving to watch more movies in the new year tend to go. Continue reading

Stepping up to the plate.


Slept pitifully last night, entirely because of a certain feline who likes three things better than almost anything: Sleeping in my armpit, snoring, and having noisy baths right next to my ear. Feeling foggy and groggy and would love nothing more than to curl back up and snooze. What a shame that I have to be at work (a bit) early.

Here are some things I feel like I should be doing, but not enough to actually do them: Continue reading



So I lied those two times this week when I said I was going to go for a run. And no, I didn’t walk to work either. I also finished my chocolate-stash-for-the-week in two days. And I had pop tarts as a late night snack yesterday. And I feel bloated and ugly and old. This too shall pass. Continue reading



Writing this in the wee hours (apologies if the spelling and grammar are even more appalling than usual) for slightly-less-wee hours posting purposes, as I have a chiropractic appointment (about bloody time too, as my neck has been in knots for a week now – largely because the cat has decided that sleeping in my armpit is all the rage, so I end up sleeping all pretzel-y) at 9 and would like to either go for a run beforehand or walk to the Glebe for my adjustment. I really haven’t moved much at all lately, so between that and feeling like a whiny teenaged lon/ser, I’ve been a really sour old cow. I do not like when that happens.

On Tuesday, I finally decided that my finances won’t allow me to fly away to visit friends/family until at least the end of February, which is a pity because I think, for the first time in years, winter is one of the haberdashers responsible for the bitch hat (no fringe, just whinge) I’ve been wearing. My finances are fairly precarious right now because, as usual, I spent too much on Christmas. I didn’t even have a lot of presents to buy, but I still spent beyond my means. I wish I didn’t do that. I know people make empty promises about not buying anything for anyone and just making a donation to charity instead, but I am really getting close to doing that next year because, while thought still goes into it, there’s not the same pressure of ‘will this fit?’, ‘wait, do they have this book already?’, and ‘shit, I know they’re allergic to nuts, but is coconut a nut?’ Continue reading



I am not one of those people who can wake up, hop into the shower, grab toast and coffee on the way out of the house, and have a great day. I have tried this dozens of times in my life and it always results in murder misanthropy. Continue reading

Delicious brains.


Bit of writer’s block today, and not even in a Brian K. Vaughan ‘There’s no such thing, only new video games’ way. I started the weekend elated to have some time to myself, but then it turned into too much time. Then I started to get that weird lonely, empty homesick feeling while sitting on my couch watching ‘Breaking Bad’. Continue reading