I’m writing this in the five minutes I’m giving myself to take a break from trying to make sense of some film shipping fiascos (fiasci?).

I knew there was a reason this can of soup had been in my ‘for later eating’ drawer for the better part of a year. Feh.

I really need to make my own soup. Maybe this weekend, in between episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’. I am a bit loopy even after three episodes in a row, so this final push through the last 13 could be interesting/deadly.

I read a nice thing on The Toast this morning. Actually, almost everything there is pretty great. Go eat some food. And stay for the loaves and fishes comment (I KNOW. There was a GEM in the bottom half of the internet. How’s that for a miracle?)

Getting on with it.


Spent the morning eating bagels, watching ‘Breaking Bad’, and trying to fix some botching in the cardigan I’ve been working on (I was somehow short four stitches, making an already small size even smaller).

Later, I will go pick up my race kit and eat cheese and bread and not-enough-wine.

Why? ‘Cause, tomorrow I’m running a half-marathon for which I’m only mostly prepared.

Here is Louis C.K. talking about being human and putting our devices away.

Married life.


A fairly short, ill thought-out, one today, as I have two important projects* this week, but yesterday’s entry got some private feedback, mostly from single people, but also married ones, saying that they too craved separate living spaces from their partners. Continue reading

Joe Btfsplk.


In an utterly foul mood this morning and I’m tired of complaining about not sleeping, so I won’t. Except, y’all, it really, really sucks to be so utterly exhausted, especially when you still don’t have a working water heater to blast you with life-giving shower water. Continue reading

Black Grape.


Ran 21km for the first time since last September yesterday. My body is so broken down today that I am really, really hesitant to go downstairs for anything because that requires coming back up. Continue reading

Brazilian Independence Day.


New QI, crocheting (poorly), triviaing (slightly less poorly), beer, yarn and cat food shopping, and not getting parking ticket.  Apparently from that last thing, this day is almost me personified.

Especially since I’m largely shirking my writing ‘responsibilities’ (self-inflicted) in this space to fuck about and do other things with my Saturday. (Including polishing up a couple of sketches and doing homework for my Coursera classes.)

Here is Louise Belcher being serenaded, which always puts me in a better mood.




If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the world listicle. So, here are some.

Five different things about TIFF that make my life difficult

  • my boss is unreachable and having fun (mostly), so I have oodles more to do at work
  • any distributor I deal with in Toronto might as well be closed, as their offices’ skeleton staffs might actually be skeletons borrowed from a local med school for all the good they do
  • there is so much movie news to take in that I am more distracted than usual at work (because I should be up-to-date-ish on things, but I needn’t know everything instantly)
  • the second a movie premieres and gets rave reviews, we get queries from people who think we have the ability to show said movie, like, tomorrow, even though it usually takes months/years for many things to be available to us
  • gnawing, soul-crushing envy

Four different places I’m contemplating flying to very soon if I come into a pile of money somehow

  • France, to meet up with a friend who is biking ’round it for six weeks
  • Los Angeles, to finally meet my friend’s children, eat sushi, and go to shows at Largo and UCB (not necessarily in that order)
  • Iceland, because it’s cheap to go in the off-season (because it’s damned cold), it’s beautiful, and I want to buy stuff at 66• North
  • Sweden, because every time I see a photo of it, I want to go to there

Three different odd word splits I’ve seen recently:

  • ‘with out’ (handwritten, so definitely not a spellcheck issue)
  • ‘down town’
  • ‘free lance’

Two different acts of violence I nearly committed to save people’s lives/teach them a lesson:

  • punching a dude off a bike who riding on the wrong side of the road on King Edward Avenue, where the trucks like to drive/hit people
  • hitting a pedestrian (not while going fast, so with minimal serious injury risk), just because they didn’t bother to look both ways before stepping into the road

One thing I plan to do this weekend

  • Write some paragraphs or somethin’.

Auntie Mary Diane.


Probably wondering why I didn’t post an update this morning. Is it because

a) I am increasingly annoyed by the Toronto International Film Festival for making people I need to contact unreachable, and making it so that I am in the same time zone/country/province as my sometimes dream man, but not close enough to meet him.

b) I ran 10K in a nearly not-shit time this morning, but was then too exhausted to write anything

c) I ended up undoing seven rows of crocheted hat after I realized I had bungled instructions from the beginning, then decided to start again, despite it being very late indeed.

d) All of the above

Of course it’s d).

It’s interesting how mundane I’ve made my incredibly fascinating life sound, eh?

Here is a three-legged kitten wearing hats.