Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be writing every day or something (per my own silly rule). Instead, I spent today going on another terrible run, seeing a really fun movie destined to not stay in Ottawa theatres long (boooo), and getting checked out for the first time in living memory (it might happen all the time, but I never, ever notice – nor did I today, Richard had to point it out that some lady did a double take of my butt).

Now I want to focus on a) having a beer, b) eating some cheese, c) making this, and d) watching ‘Bob’s Burgers’.

So sod writing for today!  Read Jack Monroe’s response to a hideous blog post about how she shouldn’t be a voice in the anti-poverty struggle instead because that’s much better than anything I’m capable of today.



Slept in as much as I could this morning because of my (terrible) long run yesterday and going out to play Euchre. (I left the house to go to the pub at the time when I went to bed the previous night. Yikes.)

So, welcome to another cop-out blog. Since I’m at work already and have a pile of stuff to do, I’m going to do a long-neglected lesson/tool/whatever in writing, a brainstormed list of 10.

Right, ten things I won’t miss about summer:

  1. Seeing shirtless dudes wearing backpacks.
  2. Cicadas singing so loudly that sleep is a challenge.
  3. Ingrown hairs due to having to step up the grooming of lower body.
  4. Worrying said ingrown hairs could actually be flesh-eating bacteria.
  5. Lamenting that Sports Illustrated swimsuit models don’t have to worry about such things as they have personal body scrubbers/waxers/Photoshop artists.
  6. Not being able to curl up under a blanket to sleep.
  7. The lack of sweaters.
  8. Permanently angry face from reactions to sun and/or sunscreen.
  9. Feeling uncomfortable when I see 10-year-old girls wearing what are essentially booty shorts.
  10. Fruit flies.

Eh, not my best work, but maybe I’ll use one of these things as a jumping-off point for another writing thing.

Right, back to data entry. After that, I get to call the carpet cleaners. PARTY.

Lazy Sundays.


Too busy sitting in my yard, drinking beer, reading, and chatting with R. to write much, so here is a photo of the reason why I didn’t write before my (terrible) run this morning.


He is not a good typing helper.

Letting go.


Feel itchy when I don’t post here, so here’s some boring news:

Went out and bought some more motion-controlly running shoes this morning. I have been going for very short runs lately, trying to focus on making sure that every toe touches the ground in a step because I have been overpronating to a point where my right foot sticks out at an almost 45° angle, which means my knee gets stressed, and my hip seizes up. Good times.

The reality is that I should probably have orthotics. But I am being a stubborn, cheap idiot. With very garish shoes.

In unrelated news, here is a baby echidna (they are called PUGGLES OMG). What funny little beasts they are.



I’m so close to a year of daily blogging, but I am really bloody phoning it in this week. Sorry about that. Publication week is often mad, but this time around, it’s turned me into a useless zombie outside of work times. There is so much to do that I don’t know where to begin. Continue reading