Hire me to write for you!


I am a writer, researcher, and social media manager with two decades of experience in administrative and managerial roles for local and national arts and cultural organizations.

My full-time job recently ended for pandemic-related reasons, so now I am looking for freelance opportunities using any/all of the stuff I learned in my 12 years as I transition to a new career writing, researching, and, hopefully, using my history degrees.

I’m also in the MLIS program at Wayne State University (it’s online, so I’m still Ottawa-based), with the goal of becoming an archivist.

In addition to web and social media content the ByTowne Cinema’s feeds (prior to March 2021) are a good place to have a gander, if you want to see my work), I have also written for Trivia Bliss’s blog (check them out here.) and have updated pieces for Metal Floss about film trivia (they’ll be published soon).

Bits and pieces that I have written (this list is a work in progress, as is my life presently):

Movie trivia quizzes! [Bad segues. Movie title before and afters. Celebrity pranks.]

A couple of blog posts I liked from when I wrote in this blog regularly! [On Jeopardy! and not loving it. On Rotten Tomatoes. On biking in London when foreign. On catnip. Some food origin tidbits.]

Some web content that is instructive, but not dull! [COVID info from my old workplace.]

24 Tips To Get You Ready For Your Next Trivia Night. (on Trivia Bliss)

I’m also working on a ByTowne Cinema archive project; this is in its early stages (ie. a lot of scanning), but I will have more news soon.

I tweet and Instagram with the handle @ubiquitykilljoy.

Do you think my work could work for you? Email megan @ popcornmonkey.com.